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How Namchoice came about

NamChoice Bed Linen was registered in 2013. Started the business by being distributors of bed linen and curtains that were sourced from South African. The client base enjoyed by the company convinced the owners that it was the right thing to manufacture these items, the bed linen and curtains in Namibia. Thus the vision gave birth to NamChoice Bed linen manufacturers and the factory was opened in 2015 in Swakopmund.

Quality Bed Linen Manufacturers, suppliers to Hotels, Hospitals, Lodges, Guesthouses and Retails Stores.

Our Vision

NamChoice seeks to be Namibia’s preference for manufacturing and distribution of bed linen and associated products. NamChoice’s vision is to have our products in the retail industry and have it in all retail shops of Namibia and in the entire SADC and Africa

Our Mission

NamChoice Bedding Linen’s strategy is to make use of fabric of quality and to customize the products according to specifications of the clients because meeting the customer’s needs is our priority.

Our History

SME Grant,2004

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Industry leader,2019

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Meet the Team